Keep Yourself Updated With Industry News With These Resources

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  • The tech industry is constantly in motion.
  • Tech professionals at any level must engage in continuous research and learning to keep up. 
  • Tech leaders often encourage their team members to set aside time each week solely for reading and learning, and many share their own favorite resources to help.

With an eye on quickly and efficiently staying informed on all the latest tech news, the members of Forbes Technology Council have each developed their own strategies and lists of go-to sources of cutting-edge, reliable information. Below, 13 of them share resources they rely on and recommend to their team members for keeping up with industry-focused tech news.


Interestingly, TikTok has become a way to stay up to date with what is happening in the industry. It often provides valuable insights into other tech company cultures. Of course, it does not provide in-depth insights, but there are channels for pretty much everything where you can stay up to date with.


For the last few years, the go-to resource for high-level tech information has been YouTube. We find that if there is a topic, trend or new technology we are interested in learning more about, the visual medium is extremely compelling and easy to digest. 


Kicking off the list is WIRED. An apex of tech trends, science and breakthrough technologies, WIRED keeps an eye out on everything happening in the tech world. Plus, it has a ton of podcasts on different topics, and if you’re thinking of starting a tech company yourself, there’s a section for entrepreneurs. 

Email Newsletters

You can make your inbox flourish with industry-focused content. The key is automatically sorting incoming emails by keyword into specific folders. Find the best newsletter providers in the space. Some good ones for me are CB Insights, HIMSS and many of the big consultancies.

Peer Networks

In a networked economy, the best way to get relevant, industry-focused tech news quickly is to be connected with a peer network with members who have similar responsibilities and interests and are at a similar place in life. The peer network could range from Usenet message boards to Twitter communities to Facebook.


It is important to stay on top of industry news and trends by engaging with thought leaders. We can do this through LinkedIn. We can lean on and support the work of tech leaders while also building new relationships. 

In-Person Industry Conferences

Attending industry conferences in person again has been eye-opening this year, mainly because all the virtual conferences of the pandemic era demonstrated that there is a notable difference in terms of consuming conference content virtually. Being forced to block your calendar for a technology conference that you’ll travel to is one of the best ways to ensure you can focus and retain knowledge.

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