KHI Delivers LPG-fuelled VLGC


Japanese shipbuilder Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) has delivered a LPG-fuelled very-large gas carrier (VLGC) to domestic shipping firm IINO KAIUN KAISHA, LTD, reads the official website.

Dual engine to curb emissions

The 84,000m³ LPG carrier Calluna Gas is equipped with a dual engine that can burn both LPG and very low-sulphur fuel oil, as well as a tank to store LPG for fuel use and a cargo tank.

The ship can also consume LPG in the cargo tank if needed. KHI expects to reduce significant amounts of CO2 and sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions, compared with ships using conventional fuel.

LPG leader in Japan

KHI has been leading the construction of LPG-fuelled LPG carriers in Japan.

The firm supplied the 84,000m³ Crystal Trinity to Singapore-based shipowner Kumiai Navigation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japanese ship operator Kumiai Senpaku, in January. KHI also delivered the 84,229m³ VLGC Crystal Asteria to Kumiai, which is operating the vessel for LPG importer Astomos, in August 2021.

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Source: Kawasaki


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