Killer Orcas Sink Yacht In Strait Of Gibraltar, 2 Rescued


  • The orcas are at it again: for the seventh time in four years, a pod of whales has sunk a boat after ramming it in Moroccan waters off the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • The 15 metre-long yacht, which carried two people, encountered the highly social apex predators.
  • The passengers reported feeling sudden blows to the hull and rudder before water started to seep into the sailboat.

A group of Orcas sank a 15-meter sailing yacht in the Moroccan waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, reports Marine Insight.

Orcas hit yacht’s hull

According to Spain’s marine rescue service, the yacht, carrying two passengers, was attacked by exceptionally social apex predators known as killer whales at around 9 a.m. local time on May 12, 2024.

Passengers reported experiencing abrupt hits to the hull and rudder, resulting in water intrusion into the yacht.

After contacting the emergency services, the terrified passengers were fortunate enough to be rescued by a nearby oil tanker, which promptly took them to safety in Gibraltar.

Despite the rescue efforts, the yacht was left adrift and eventually sank.

This particular incident is only one of the many similar encounters that have affected the waters surrounding the Gibraltar Strait, which separates Europe and Africa, and the Atlantic beaches of Portugal and Northwest Spain.

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Source: Marine Insight