Kissing is Very Good for You



  • Kissing is becoming a common way of showing love even among the conservative Kenyans
  • Most Kenyans, however, are yet to embrace it fully but if they knew about this benefits they would start today

5. Kissing lowers stress

Making out passionately makes the heartbeat more active in a healthy way that helps lower your blood pressure.  When the heart is more active it pumps blood to all parts of the body.

4. Kissing fights cavities

When you are kissing you secret more saliva in your mouth which helps wash away the plaque on your teeth that lead to cavities – the decaying parts on the teeth.

3. Kissing can ease headaches and menstrual cramps

Ladies this is good note.  Doctors say that blood-vessel dilation caused by long and deep kisses helps ease pain like headaches and cramps.  So next time when a headache comes, grab each other and kiss passionately.

2. Smooching helps change your mood to HAPPY mode

Many are the time when partners deny each other the pleasure of kissing or making love since either of them especially ladies are not in the mood.  The remedy to a bad mood is making out and making love.  The two love actions trigger the secretion of happy hormones such as oxytocin in the brain and eventually become happy.

1. Kissing helps you decide is you will have sex with your partner

Locking lips is a good way of knowing if you will go ahead and have sex with someone.  If your partner is a good kisser you are likely to go all the way.  If they are awful at smooching then that could just be the end of intimacy between two people.

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Source: Tuko


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