Knowledge Is No Longer Power?


  • This just goes to show that no matter how talented or smart we are at one point in time, as things inevitably move forwards, we need to adapt and evolve in professional as well as personal spaces.
  • A discoverer ushers in revolution and drives change.
  • So let go of the reins of conventional thinking because it is inventive thinking which will give you the edge that the business world is now looking for!

The adage “Knowledge is power” may have been most popular in the past when it came to business. People took pride in their extensive knowledge and in braggadocio. You had an “edge” over others since you knew everything and were an authority in your industry. However, it is no longer the case as reported by Irish Tech News.

Insufficient knowledge

Having a vast amount of current knowledge is insufficient in the fast-paced world of today. Even while it is still incredibly helpful, it doesn’t enable you to excel at your job. Although the tasks we perform on a daily basis haven’t changed, the manner in which they are completed has. Life today differs from 30 years ago in many ways, including how we eat (convenience foods, multicultural cuisines), communicate (mobile phones, email, social media), shop (online, huge one-stop supermarkets), work (automation and technology, the rise of remote and hybrid working), and even how we learn and study (virtual learning environments, interactive whiteboards, internet research).

The list of how much the world has changed in only three decades is lengthy and alarming!

Personal & professional environment 

This just serves to demonstrate that, regardless of how talented or intelligent we may be at one point in time, as things eventually advance, we must adapt and change in both professional and personal environments. The only issue is that, despite the fact that everything around us is changing, our ways of thinking remain mostly unchanged. We still prefer to keep to the beliefs, habits of thought, and presumptions we have painstakingly developed over the course of our years of experience, addressing problems and opportunities with tried-and-true methods that have been successful in the past. 

We’re paid to know all the answers, as I write in the second edition of my book, The Creative Thinking Handbook. However, there are too many variables and unknowns in 21st-century business problems for existing knowledge to fully address them. Therefore, it’s imperative that we acknowledge that prior solutions may not be entirely effective in overcoming the present and potential future challenges. In these rapidly evolving times, it’s critical to include original thought into our operational processes and adopt imaginative solutions to get around brand-new challenges.

New force

I would therefore assert that creativity is a new force. Success is now no longer measured by how much knowledge we possess but rather by what and how we create to produce solutions. Conventional ways of thinking can actually prevent you from being creative and coming up with original ideas. They prevent the “beyond the box thinking” that everyone praises but is rarely seen putting into practice, losing out on the possibility to innovate their work. If we become overly accustomed to traditional ways of thinking, it eventually prevents us from thinking creatively, which could help us reach our objectives more quickly. This is as solid a justification as any to acknowledge that creativity has displaced outdated information.

Any expert who stops at what is previously understood and stops there is a relic of the past. A discoverer starts a revolution and propels transformation. The secret is to think differently if you don’t want to limit the goals you set for yourself. With creativity, you may find the greatest, most creative solutions to your business’s problems. While comfort comes from the familiar, innovation has the capacity to move things forward more quickly and effectively. So let go of conventional thinking since it won’t provide you with the advantage that the corporate world is looking for right now.


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Source: Irish Tech News 


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