Kongsberg Digital Achieves Milestone In Maritime Cybersecurity


Kongsberg Digital has achieved a significant milestone by receiving the updated Type Approval for D-INF, Cyber Resilience, and IACS UR E27 from DNV. This makes Kongsberg Digital the first in the maritime industry to meet these stringent new standards, enhancing digitalization and cybersecurity across maritime operations.

Leading the Way in Cybersecurity and Digitalization

Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight, a DNV type-approved vessel-to-cloud data collection system, has become the first to meet the IACS UR E27 “Cyber Resilience of On-Board Systems and Equipment” requirements. This certification, mandatory for vessels contracted for construction from July 2024, ensures enhanced cybersecurity, efficiency, compliance, and environmental performance. This positions Kongsberg Digital as a leader in the maritime industry’s digital transformation.

Ensuring Reliable and Secure Data Transfer

Vessel Insight’s compliance with DNV Cybersecurity Profile Level 1 (SP1) and IACS UR E27 signifies a leap forward in standardized and secure data transfer. Since its initial certification in 2022, Kongsberg Digital has demonstrated forward-thinking by meeting cybersecurity requirements well before they became mandatory. This foresight ensures that the vessel-to-shore data transfer remains secure and reliable, fostering greater trust among vessel owners, builders, and other stakeholders.

Industry Recognition and Future Impact

The updated Type of Approval from DNV not only validates Kongsberg Digital’s commitment to cybersecurity but also simplifies compliance for individual vessels with minimal audits. As stated by Anders Bryhni, VP of Maritime Products at Kongsberg Digital, this achievement underscores the company’s leadership in digitalization. Furthermore, the proactive approach taken by Kongsberg Digital, as highlighted by Qitao Gan of DNV, sets a new benchmark for the industry, promoting the widespread adoption of secure and standardized digital solutions in maritime operations.

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