Kongsberg Digital Unveils Vessel Performance Merchant


Kongsberg Digital has introduced the Vessel Performance Merchant application, specifically crafted to cater to the needs of the merchant fleet, as reported by kongsberg Digital.

  • Kongsberg Digital introduces Vessel Performance Merchant to optimize fuel efficiency and enhance decision-making for merchant fleets.
  • The application is tailored for long, stable voyages, offering dashboards and decision support to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Kongsberg Digital’s innovation aligns with industry-specific needs, enabling cost savings and a more sustainable future.

Introducing Vessel Performance Merchant

Kongsberg Digital has introduced the Vessel Performance Merchant application, specifically crafted to cater to the needs of the merchant fleet, aimed at optimizing decision-making processes during voyages. This new application is intricately designed to improve fuel efficiency and overall performance, benefiting both the vessel and its crew.

Leveraging Data for Enhanced Insights

By utilizing data sourced from onboard sensors and automation systems via the Vessel Insight vessel-to-cloud infrastructure, the Vessel Performance application has been a pivotal source of valuable insights and analytics for shipowners and crew members since its inception in 2020.

Addressing the Specificities of Merchant Fleet Operations

While offshore vessels operate on shorter and dynamic voyages, requiring periods of stationary dynamic positioning, merchant vessels engage in long, stable voyages planned weeks in advance. To cater to the distinct operational characteristics of the merchant fleet, Kongsberg Digital has developed the ‘Vessel Performance Merchant’ application.

Tailored Solutions for Improved Decision-Making

The ‘Vessel Performance Merchant’ app provides operators of merchant vessels with comprehensive dashboards, offering an intuitive overview of the vessel’s current situation. It equips decision-makers with support to minimize fuel consumption by creating user-defined alarms and rules, enabling more impactful decision-making in real-time scenarios. This application aims to revolutionize operational processes, aiding crew members and onshore management in making well-informed decisions regarding energy management, facilitating voyage comparisons, and optimizing fuel consumption.

Through successful collaboration with our esteemed clients and partners, we have identified the unique needs of the offshore and merchant sectors. As a result, we have developed Vessel Performance Merchant, a tailored tool that empowers operators of merchant vessels with an intuitive performance status dashboard. Utilising this powerful tool, shipowners and operators can optimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and achieve cost savings – thereby leading the way towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.”, said Sigrid Johansen, Product Manager in Kongsberg Digital.

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Source:Kongsberg Digital