Kongsberg Maritime Secures Contract for Hybrid Chemical Tankers with Tärntank


Kongsberg Maritime has secured a contract to design and equip a tenth hybrid chemical tanker for Danish operator Tärntank. These new vessels will significantly reduce carbon emissions through a combination of clean technologies.

Innovative Design and Technology:

  • Wind-Assist Technology:
    • The latest four vessels will feature wind-assist technology, expected to reduce emissions by up to 19%.
    • The new tankers will have an Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) nearly 40% below the 2025 Phase 3 requirements.

Collaborative Efforts:

    • Claes Möller, CEO of Tärntank, praised the cooperation between Kongsberg Maritime, China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou), and Tärntank in reducing the maritime carbon footprint beyond regulatory requirements.

Technical Specifications:

  • Versatile Fuel Options:
    • The 15,000dwt hybrid tankers can operate on diesel, biofuel, or methanol.
    • They incorporate Tärntank’s battery-powered Hybrid Solution® and wind-assist technology.
  • Advanced Propulsion and Control Systems:
    • Equipped with the efficient Promas propulsion system with a flap rudder, offering over 6% fuel savings.
    • Additional features include a tunnel thruster with an M-con thruster control system, K-Chief integrated automation systems, an AutoChief propulsion control system, and deck machinery. The vessels feature the NVC 615 CT hull design, characterized by Ice Class 1A efficiency and a wave-piercing bow.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Tärntank’s clients, including NEOT/ST1, NESTE, ESSO/EXXON, and PREEM, support reducing the carbon footprint of their supply chains. Rune Ekornesvåg, Sales Director – Ship Design at Kongsberg Maritime, highlighted Tärntank’s commitment to sustainability by ordering vessels with an EEDI 40% below the 2025 Phase 3 requirement

The latest order brings the total number of ships in this design series to 12, including two similar vessels for Swedish operator Sirius Redri AB, though without suction sails. All 12 vessels will be constructed at China Merchants Jinling Shipyard, Yangzhou, with the first wind-assisted vessel delivery expected in 2025.

The collaboration between Kongsberg Maritime and Tärntank marks a significant step forward in the maritime industry’s move towards cleaner and more efficient operations. The innovative design and technologies of these new hybrid tankers set a new standard for sustainability and efficiency in shipping.

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