Korean Register (KR) Grants AIP For Methanol Dual-fuel VLCC


A recent news article published in the Seatrade Maritime News states that KR grants approval to methanol dual-fuel VLCC.

Methanol dual-fuel VLCC design

The methanol dual-fuel VLCC design was developed under a joint project between the classification society and shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI).

The design features a methanol fuel tank that can either be placed on the open deck or in the cargo storage area in the hold of the vessel.

More orders for dual fuel ships

“As more of the world’s leading shipping companies place orders for vessels that use methanol as a dual fuel, interest for methanol as a ship propulsion fuel is growing,” KR said.

The classification society noted that methanol considered to possess high potential for commercialisation as marine fuel because it offers fewer technical difficulties than LNG and relatively less toxicity than ammonia.

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Source: Sea Trade Maritime