Lamps on Nuclear Icebreaker Catches Fire



On 21st December, Yamal a nuclear-powered icebreaker ship belonging to Russia reportedly caught fire after its powerful flood lamps caught fire.

Deputy General Director Mustafa Kashka confirmed the incident occurred when the protection case covering one of the ship’s powerful flood lamps caught fire.  The flood lamps are placed by the upper bridge of the ship and are instrumental for the ship’s navigation and operations in the dark Arctic season.

The nuclear-powered ship is currently undergoing repairs and is stationed in a dry dock.

Kashka said that the fire was extinguished after only four minutes by the crew itself.  There were no casualties aboard the ship.  An investigation has been launched to look into this accident.

The Yamal is one of the four Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers in operation.  It was built in 1989 and has since conducted almost 50 voyages to the North Pole.  Like the other Russian nuclear icebreakers, it is based at Atomflot, the port facility in Murmansk.

The ship was also in 1996 hit by a fire.  Then, one person was killed, but there was no damage to the reactors.

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Source: The Independent Barents Observer