Largest Container Ship Ever To Dock In India Arrives At Mundra Port


  • The MSC Anna, the largest container ship to ever dock at an Indian port, has arrived at Mundra Port, operated by Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd (APSEZ).
  • Measuring nearly 400 meters in length and with a capacity of 19,200 TEUs, the vessel’s arrival underscores Mundra Port’s capability to handle deep-draft and large-scale cargo operations, further enhancing India’s maritime trade capacity.

MSC Anna, the largest container ship to ever berth at an Indian port, has made its inaugural arrival at Mundra Port, managed by Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd (APSEZ). The massive vessel measures 399.98 meters in length, the equivalent of four football fields, and boasts a capacity of 19,200 TEUs.

Port Capabilities and Operations

Mundra Port’s ability to accommodate the MSC Anna’s 16.3-meter draft demonstrates its unique capacity to handle deep-draft vessels. The port will facilitate the exchange of approximately 12,500 TEUs, showcasing its efficiency in managing large-scale cargo operations. This event highlights Mundra Port’s significant contribution to enhancing India’s maritime trading capabilities.

Previous Records and Achievements

In recent months, Mundra Port has set multiple records, reflecting its growing prominence in the maritime industry. In July 2023, the port welcomed MV MSC Hamburg, another large container ship with a length of 399 meters and a capacity of 16,652 TEUs. Continuing its record-breaking streak, Mundra Port handled 16 million metric tons (MMT) of cargo in October 2023, a first for any Indian port. Additionally, the container terminal CT-3 became the first in India to manage 3 million TEUs in a single year, achieving a monthly handling record of over 300,000 TEUs in November 2023.

Future Expansion and Modernization

APSEZ remains committed to expanding and modernizing its facilities, ensuring that Mundra Port continues to play a crucial role in the global shipping and logistics industry. The company’s ongoing investments aim to enhance the port’s capabilities, maintaining its position as a leader in maritime trade.

The arrival of MSC Anna at Mundra Port marks a significant milestone in India’s maritime history, underlining the port’s ability to handle some of the world’s largest vessels. This achievement, along with Mundra Port’s recent records, demonstrates its critical role in boosting India’s maritime trade and its expanding importance in the global shipping industry.

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Source: Marine Insight