Laser Pointer Hits US Coast Guard Plane


FBI Investigating After Laser Pointer Hits Coast Guard Aircraft

On Tuesday night, a Coast Guard plane flying near Sagamore Beach area was pointed at with a laser light.  State police responded to the beach at 10.15 p.m. in an attempt to locate an individual who flashed a green laser at the plane as it flew over the water, according to Trooper Paul Sullivan.

Lt. Jamison Ferreil said, “We looked out the window and saw a laser coming from the Sagamore Beach area and they were lighting up the side of the aircraft.”

The light was so severe that as they were landing at Air Station Cape Cod they decided to change the flight plans and land another way because the person shooting the laser wouldn’t stop.

“It lights up the entire cockpit.  It is distracting and there is potential to get the laser into your eyes,” Ferreil said.

The FBI is assisting the investigation because pointing a laser at an aircraft is a federal crime and could come with thousands of dollars of fines.

Coast Guard Lt. Commander Mike Snyder said he works with pilots to make sure they’re prepared for problems like this.

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