Latex-clad Fetish Fans Brave Heatwave for ‘Torture Ship’ Cruise in Germany!


According to an article published in The Sun, hundreds of horny holidaymakers have hopped aboard a BDSM boat for a pleasure and pain cruise.

Dubbed as the Torture Ship

Frisky fetish fans flocked to Friedrichshafen on the shores of Lake Constance in Germany to board the so-called Torture Ship.

The annual event was held on Saturday with around 500 latex-clad partygoers boarding the vessel in the scorching 30C heat.

A team of paramedics was also onboard in case some of the latex-clad guests suffered from the heat – or any other injuries.

Heatwave thins out guest list

Party organizer Thomas Siegmund said that heatwave had slightly thinned out the guest list. He added, “It was a little less than usual because of the heat.”

Siegmund said that guests have suffered from breathing problems caused by their tight clothing in previous years which is why organizers had paramedics on board as a precaution.

He added that the party was organized for those with latex sex fetishes so that they could be among like-minded people.

Latex lovers converge from around the world

A man dressed in a latex nun’s habit calling himself Kathrin von Kali and his pal Latex Angela had come all the way from Russia for this particular spot of slap and tickle.

Kathrin,” said: “In Germany, people are more tolerant and we can do this whereas in Russia we cannot.”

Hundreds of locals reportedly waited at the ship’s departure point to view the randy revelers, including one man who arrived in a latex Deadpool suit.

Residents amused

One stunned resident called the boat ride “quite an event“, although he felt that “not everyone has the figure for it“.

Siegmund added: “I think 90 percent of the public view it as an exhibition and look forward to it for months.”

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Source: TheSun


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