Learning From Experience: Cruise Guests Share Locations For Amazing Night Views

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Cruise ships provide guests with uninterrupted views of the ocean and sky as they move from port to port. While the beautiful scenery is one of the many perks of cruising, a passenger has warned of the one thing that can ruin the view at night. A cruise guest has shared their advice for first-time cruisers including the one thing passengers should do to avoid “disappointment” when enjoying the scenery at night.

Sharing Advise

Sharing their advice on the Cruise Critic forum, a guest revealed the one thing they felt let down by on their first cruise. The user who goes by the name Alice Anne urged fellow passengers to pay attention to their cabin lighting at night. She wrote: “Please turn your outdoor balcony light off at night (unless you are using it), so cruisers can try to see some stars. “The extreme outdoor lighting and total lack of visible stars was the biggest disappointment on my first cruise.”

When it comes to getting the best views on the ship at night there are other places you can try, away from your cabin balcony. Other cruisers took to the forum to share the best “secret spots” they had found on previous trips. According to one Cruise Critic member, there are several “sail away locations” on the Carnival Magic ship.

Stargazing Spot

Another experienced cruiser shared that there is an even better stargazing spot to seek out once you find the hidden decks. The Cruise Critic user named Pellaz said: “There’s a spot on the “secret” decks forward where you can stand behind the forward “riding light” and be in near-total darkness. “On a clear night without much of a moon, haze or nearby city lights, let your eyes adjust…and behold the Majesty of the night sky, including the disc of our Milky Way galaxy arching up and over you. 

For those who would rather enjoy the stars from the comfort of their own balcony, experienced guests recommended choosing a certain room. Several cruisers recommended booking a cabin with an uncovered balcony to get the best view. While it can get hot during the day on tropical voyages, one cruiser noted that it’s worth it for the “amazing views”.

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