LeddarTech Launches Its Latest Low-level Fusion & Perception Software

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LeddarTech® a world-class leader in software technologies for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS systems) and autonomous driving (AD systems), announces the launch of its third product since December with the LeddarVision™ Surround (LVS- 2+), reports GlobeNewswire.

This product is a comprehensive sensor and perception data fusion software solution dedicated to high-end ADAS Level 2/2+ highway driver assistance and NCAP 2025 and GSR 2022 5-star safety applications.

LeddarVision Surround

LeddarVision Surround (LVS-2+) is the latest low-level fusion solution for sensor and perception data developed around LeddarTech’s award-winning LeddarVision software. The LVS-2+ expands the company’s current product offering, adding to the LeddarVision LVF-E (entry level) and LVF-H (level premium), two front-view solutions that target entry-level to superior ADAS applications.

The LVS-2+ effectively extends the 1V2R-1V5R (i.e., 1 camera + 2 to 5 radar) sensor configuration of the LVF front view product family to a 5V5R (i.e., 5 cameras) configuration + 5 speed cameras). This enhanced configuration supports ADAS features such as traffic jam assist and freeway assist by enabling automated lane change, overtaking as well as adaptive cruise control over a wider speed range. speed.

A high performance and economical solution

  • LeddarVision low-level fusion technology pushes the boundaries of technological progress by increasing the effective range of sensors.
  • The technology used optimally combines camera and radar modalities providing high performance while reducing the requirements of each modality and the total cost of detection.
  • Higher accuracy in object separation and longitudinal position measurement on the highway enables more efficient implementation of the adaptive cruise control function.
  • Level 2/2+ Highway Assist, including adaptive cruise control up to 160 km/h, lane centering, active lane change assist, traffic jam assist and traffic assist highway, including automatic lane change assist.


  • The LVS-2+ is for applications that meet NCAP 2025 and GSR 2022 5-star safety requirements.
  • Includes an integrated redundancy function to compensate for possible failures or degradation of the sensors or contradictions between them.
  • Supports detection of global scene attributes for ODD analysis assistance, sensor status check, and self-diagnosis features.

Flexible and modular

A complete edge-view perception and data fusion software platform that targets entry-level to superior level 2/2+ ADAS highway driving assistance applications.

Samples available: contact LeddarTech for LVS-2 “A” samples+ or LVF-E/LVF-H. The availability of the LVS-2 “B” sample+ is scheduled for the end of the third quarter of 2023.

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Source: GlobeNewswire


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