Lessons Learned: Crew Member Snagged On Tag Line, Lifted Off Feet


IMCA reports of an incident where a CTV crew member snagged on tag line and was lifted off feet.

What happened?

After a routine lift had been landed over the stern to a CTV foredeck, the CTV crew member gave the signal to raise the crane hook. While the hook was being raised, he stepped forward to guide the slings clear of snagging points on the CTV. A tag line attached to the slings snagged or became entangled on carabiners connected to his harness, and he was lifted about 0.5m clear of the deck. The lift was quickly stopped by the banksman, and the crewman lowered back to the deck unharmed within a few seconds.

What went right and wrong?

  • Right? There was a quick response by the banksman and the crane operator;
  • Wrong? The crew member was in a hazardous place or position without appreciating the fact.

What are the lessons?

  • Think about where you’re standing on deck, particularly during mooring or lifting operations.
  • The CTV operator is reviewing procedures and discussing the incident with crews.

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Source: IMCA


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