Lessons Learned: Dropped Halogen Lamp Cause Small Fire


IMCA reports of an incident where dropped halogen lamp caused small fire.

What happened

During painting work taking place on a vessel during the hours of darkness, a halogen lamp fell from a scaffolding where the work was taking place, causing a small fire in a scaffold board below. Motormen and deck mechanics promptly responded, adhering to the appropriate emergency protocols, and the fire was extinguished easily. There were no injuries, but the lamp was destroyed and the scaffold board damaged.

Damaged scaffold board
Halogen lamp that fell

What went wrong

  • IMCA member’s root cause analysis discerned that the lamp was blown over by gusts of wind. It was placed in an open environment, exposing it to the weather conditions;
  • There was a lack of proper supervision of the halogen lamp during the breaktime absence.


  • Was this lamp fit for the job? Consider the use of LED lamps;
  • Shut down all equipment before taking a break, or ensure a watch is kept over running equipment;
  • Ensure installed equipment is stable and safe before starting work, and also after returning from a break;
  • Remain aware of weather conditions and what is going on around you when working.

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Source: IMCA