Lessons Learned: Injuries To The Eyes & Face


A member reports a number of incidents where crew have sustained injuries to the face, reads an IMCA safety Event.

Eye and face injuries are always a serious matter. IMCA has relayed these incidents to you as a timely and important reminder to stop and think about risks and hazards, about your position – how you are stood or sat – when working, and about how you do certain tasks you may consider routine.

Incident: Self-inflicted wound from a screwdriver

What happened

A crew member was using a large screwdriver to pry out a jammed bit from a grub screw. The prying was done upwards; the screwdriver slipped and hit the person in his left cheek. He sustained a 30-40 mm cut, 4-5 mm deep.

What went wrong

The wrong tool was used; the injured person made no ongoing or continuous assessment of the risk involved of the screwdriver slipping.

What are the actions?

Just stop and think for a minute before applying force to tools that could slip and fly back into your face. Could you get this task done in a different and more safe way? If not – consider your position – have some “spatial awareness”, and wear appropriate PPE.

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Source: IMCA