Lessons Learned: Person Injured Going Down Ladder


  • IMCA reports of an incident where a person got injured while going down the ladder.
  • Cause: Inattention, Improper PPE Use, Inadequate Working Environment, Lack of Signage.

IMCA, in its Safety Events, reports of an incident where a person got injured while going down the ladder.

What happened

A person was descending the fixed ladder of a carousel manhole. He lost his footing on the last three rungs, approximately 87 cm from the flooring. Falling backward, his helmet came off, and his head struck the edge of a steel structure and he was injured. Immediate medical attention was provided on board by the ship’s medic. A follow-up medical assessment was subsequently organized ashore, where he received stitches.

Possible causes

  • Inattention: Misjudgment of the remaining steps while descending the ladder contributed to the slip;
  • Improper PPE Use: The IP did not properly secure the chinstrap of his safety helmet, causing it to fall off during the incident;
  • Inadequate Working Environment: Poor lighting at the bottom of the carousel manhole may have contributed to the incident;
  • Lack of Signage: No signage was present to indicate the mandatory use of safety harnesses for work in the carousel’s manhole.

Actions taken

  • Improved lighting in the area;
  • Be aware of your working environment and keep a focus when you are moving – watch out for complacency;
  • Ensure that all PPE, especially the helmet, is worn and secured correctly.

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Source: IMCA