Lessons Learned: Person Pulled To Deck By Fall Arrest Harness


IMCA reports of an incident where a person was pulled to deck by fall arrest harness.

What happened?

During moonpool preparations for running the a tool in the hole, the crane whip line was being lowered to deck under supervision of the deck supervisor. A third-party contract worker walked over the moonpool landing area with a fall arrestor connected to his harness. The swinging whip line contacted the wire of the fall arrestor, pulling the person to the deck of the moonpool platform. No injuries were reported by the person at the time of the incident.

What went wrong

  • Lack of communication between the deck supervisor and the third-party contract worker;
  • The third-party contract worker did not receive any instruction to stand clear during the operation;
  • The whip line was lowered into area while operations were ongoing;
  • The workers’ fall arrest was connected to the opposite side of the moonpool;
  • There was a lack of situational and operational awareness – the person placed themselves in the line of fire;
    Parallel or simultaneous activities were being conducted.

What was the cause

The immediate causes were:

Inadequate preparations/planning.

The root causes were:

  • Inadequate discipline;
  • Inadequate supervision;
  • Inadequate reinforcement of proper behaviour.


  • Improve communication between personnel working together (deck crew and third-party contractors);
  • Use taglines particularly in rough conditions or in congested areas;
  • All personnel should remain clear when whip line is being lowered in the area;
  • Take care to consider the safest connection point for your safety harness.

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Source: IMCA


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