Liberia Issues Safety Reminders For Vessels Entering China


Liberia Maritime Authority on 28 November 2023 issued safety reminders for vessels entering Yangshan waters of China.


The purpose of this Marine Advisory is to inform shipowners, operators, and masters of the Safety reminders for vessels entering Yangshan waters of China recently issued by the MSA.

The objective of the Safety reminders is to provide guidance on Self-checks, Reporting, and PSC inspections in Yangshan Port of China.


Three safety reminders for vessels entering Yangshan waters have been listed below for your reference:

Safety self-check before entering Yangshan Deepwater Port and its Adjacent Waters

Recently, Yangshan Port MSA has carried out a self-check campaign for vessels entering the Yangshan Deepwater Port.

Vessels should complete the checklist before entering as it will be verified by PSC during a PSC inspection at Yangshan Port.

The checklist has been attached for your ready reference.

Report defects to Yangshan Port MSA before entering

If non-compliant equipment or machinery is found through the self-check, vessels should report the deficiencies to the Yangshan Port MSA in accordance with Regulation 11 of the SOLAS Convention before entering the Yangshan Port and its Adjacent Waters.

Any non-compliance which is not reported could be considered as a major deficiency if found during a PSC inspection.

The reporting procedure could be consulted with the local agent of your ship or local PSC office of Yangshan Port MSA.

Rescheduled PSC inspection at Yangshan Port

This year, Shanghai MSA has implemented the “rescheduled PSC inspection” initiative at Yangshan Port, taking into account the berthing time of vessels.

For vessels berthing in the early morning (0000-0600), the PSC boarding inspection is usually postponed to the afternoon to ensure that the crew has sufficient rest time in the morning after busy berthing operations.

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Source: Witherbys