Liberian Registry Earns QUALSHIP 21 for 2024-2025


The Liberian Registry, recognized as the world’s largest shipping registry, has once again qualified for the QUALSHIP 21 (QS21) program for 2024-2025 as awarded by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), reports Container News.

Registry’s steadfast dedication

This acknowledgment highlights the Registry’s steadfast dedication to maintaining exceptional standards within the maritime sector.

The QS21 initiative recognizes both vessels and flag administrations that consistently adhere to rigorous safety and quality protocols while navigating through and engaging in port activities within the United States.

Moreover, to qualify for this esteemed program, flag administrations must maintain a Port State Control (PSC) detention ratio of less than 1% over a three-year duration, with a minimum of 10 annual PSC inspections.

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Source: Container News