Life on this massive oil ship off Angola where privacy is a luxury


For the crew working onboard an oil extraction vessel moored off the coast of Angola, work is considered as life with privacy being an ultimate luxury.

Maiden Ultra-deep Offshore Project

The 330-meter oil extraction vessel ‘Kaombo Norte’ owned by Total is anchored at 250 kilometers northwest of Luanda, Angola’s capital. The vessel was launched in April 2014 as the region’s first ultra-deep offshore project, a bountiful resource of oil with an estimated 658 million barrels of reserves.

Cyril de Coatpont, Kaombo Project Director said, “Kaombo is twice as big as any previous Total oil project in the Gulf of Guinea. We are going deeper – from 1,400 to 1,950 meters and we are going further – 200 kilometers farther offshore. It is our largest development to date, covering an area nearly eight times the size of Paris”.

About the Project

Kaombo, an ultra-deep offshore project in Angola created with an aim to develop oil deposits is spread across six different fields, connected via 300 kilometers of sub-sea pipelines to two floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels: Kaombo Norte and Kaombo Sul.

The vessel is an oil tanker converted into an FPSO vessel and capable of pumping oil from a depth of 2,000 meters is considered a revolution in the offshore industry. The project is capable of pumping 230,000 barrels a day when its two ships are fully operational by 2019.

Life inside the ship

Though the vessel might be biggest ever built, the living conditions of 100 crew members living onboard the vessel are not peachy and privacy is considered as a luxury. The crew members navigate through passageways and are constrained within limited spaces for an entire day.

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Source: Business Insider South Africa


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