Lila Shipping Paving Its Way In The Maritime Industry


  • Anil Sharma controls Lila Shipping, a quickly thriving shipowning unit based in Dubai.
  • He is best known for his ship recycling which is a fast-growing global Marketing System (GMS).

Sharma’s shipowning unit is highly active in the S&P markets, reports Splash

Lila Shipping

Sharma had launched Lila Shipping 15 years prior, originating back in 2007. It operated on the sidelines of the cash buyer business of GMS, which Lila site today lists the company with 26 ships and an ambition to grow the fleet to 50 vessels within four years. 

Recent developments 

Tanker second-hand prices have been going downhill for the past few months. But Anil Sharma had decided to cash in on some of the current asset appreciation.

Sharma monitors Lila Shipping, a rapidly thriving shipowning unit based in Dubai. 

Recently, Lila has been marketing a lot of vintage tanker tonnage cementing an active year for the low-profile company.

Lila Guangzhou is a Bohai-built Suezmax that joined Sharma’s fleet in late March for $16.5m and has fetched $23m.

The 20,000 dwt Lila Frontier was also sold in recent weeks as a stainless steel chemical tanker. The 113,000 dwt, 2007-built aframax Lila Fujairah was sold for under $28m. The DSME-built ship was bought in April as Wafrah for just $17.5m. Lila paid COSCO $16.5m in April for 165,000 dwt Lila Shenzhen, which is now being traded for $23m.

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