Lindblad Announces a Permanent Polar Art Exhibit on New Ship


Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has announced “CHANGE”, a first of its kind Polar Art Exhibit, on board National Geographic Endurance, reports Cruise Industry News.

What is the exhibit?

Artist Zaria Forman unveiled a first-of-its-kind art exhibition aboard Lindblad Expeditions’ polar newbuild, National Geographic Endurance.

It will be a ship wide installation curated by Zaria Forman, whose dramatic large-scale pastel drawings documenting climate change are exhibited worldwide.

Permanent ship based art

The exhibit is said to be the first-ever permanent ship-based polar art installation.

The exhibit incorporates a wide-ranging collection of drawings, paintings, video, photography, sculpture, and more, from over 35 artists. 

Where is the collection exhibited?

The collection has been assembled making use of the entire ship, both public and private spaces themed deck by deck. 

All the ship’s public spaces and 12 guest suites will feature original pieces, each including artist statements and quotes to give viewers a deeper understanding of how and why these environments have impacted the artist and their work. 

The exhibit also includes experiential pieces, like a John Grade sculpture of glass and resin suspended from the ceiling that invites guests inside to enter sea ice floating on the surface of the ocean. 

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Source: CruiseIndustryNews


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