LIQVIS LNG Filling Stations Integrate OnTurtle Card


LNG truck drivers can now fill up their vehicles at filling stations operated by LIQVIS and make cashless payments with the OnTurtle fuel card, reports LNG Industry.

81 filling stations

Over the past years, OnTurtle, true to its commitment to offer its customers alternative fuels, has been increasing the network of gas filling stations. It currently has agreements with 81 filling stations in six European countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. That makes OnTurtle a highly capable fuel card partner for LIQVIS.

About the partnership

OnTurtle is pleased to start its partnership with LIQVIS by adding its infrastructure to the company’s network of gas filling stations in Europe. The new agreement means that OnTurtle will increase its offer with a new strategically located network.

Both companies are united by the common goal of providing customers with an extensive and reliable network of LNG filling stations.

LNG filling station

Uniper subsidiary LIQVIS has been operating LNG filling stations since 2017. These are located at strategic transport hubs that serve a particularly high volume of trucks, such as Berlin-Grünheide, Bönen, Hannover, Langenhagen, Kassel-Lohfelden, Calais, and Bouc-Bel-Air.

To meet the increasing demand for this alternative fuel, systematic expansion of the German LNG filling station infrastructure is planned for the coming years. As such, this year LIQVIS stations will also be commissioned in Bad Honnef and Magdeburg, for example.

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Source: LNG Industry


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