[Listen] How The Linked World Is Evolving

Credit: NASA/Unsplash

According to recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute, globalisation isn’t going away, but it is changing (MGI). In this instalment of The McKinsey Podcast, MGI director Olivia White and global editorial director Lucia Rahilly discuss the flows of labour, goods, and knowledge that fuel global integration as well as what changing these flows would mean for the future of our interconnected world.

After, global brewer AB InBev has flourished in the throes of what its CFO Fernando Tennenbaum describes as the recent “twists and turns.” Find out how in this excerpt from How to thrive in a downturn: A CFO perspective,” recorded in December 2022 as part of our McKinsey Live series.1

The McKinsey Podcast is cohosted by Roberta Fusaro and Lucia Rahilly.

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Source: Mc Kinsey


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