Little Girl Begs Huge Ship to Toot its Horn – Watch What Happened?


We’ve all had moments in life where we’ve insisted we know what’s best for us, then immediately learned that we were totally wrong.

And this little girl is no exception.

She really, really wanted a huge ship to toot its horn as a bit of a ‘hello’ as she stood waving at it from the harbour.

But she soon learned that she shouldn’t have begged them to do it.

In the hilarious clip, the cute tot repeatedly motions with her arm, signalling the crew to ‘beep’ at her.

After a good 20 seconds or so of doing it, the team on the ship give in and honk.

This is when she immediately regrets her decision.

It’s so loud, she gets the fright of her life and runs away with a horrified look on her face as adults around her chuckle.

Poor girl, she’ll probably be scared of boats for life after this.

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Source: Tobias Hansson on YouTube