Little Girl Letters Immigration Issue To Pope


A five year old girl gets through security pushing past metal barriers and a phalanx to deliver message to Pope.


Sofia Cruz, daughter of undocumented immigrant managed to cross the strict security barrier and reached Pope Francis.  The pope was on a parade through Washington DC during his first visit to the US. The girl was initially stopped by the security guards, but the Pope waved her forward.

The Pope gave Sofia a hug and a kiss and took her note that included a drawing with a message in Spanish.  The message said “My friends and I love each other no matter our skin colour.”


About 11 million people, some with native-born children, live in the US illegally.  Immigration stands to be a major issue in the US presidential race.

Sofia and her parents, who are from Mexico but now live in a suburb of Los Angeles, said they hope the Pope will speak about the immigration issue when he addresses the US Congress on Thursday.

Credits: BBC