All For A Little Super Bowl Mischief


Super Bowl 50: How they gatecrashed their entry.


San Francisco prepares for Super Bowl.  Historically, few always managed to sneak their way inside the stadium to watch Super Bowl without buying a ticket.

Who Made it?

  1. Dion Rich a San Diego man has slipped into more than 30 Super Bowls without a ticket, and made his way onto the field almost two dozen times.
  2. Whelan wore his Seattle Seahawks jersey, McEvoy, his New England Patriots gear to sneak their entry into Stadium for Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Arizona.
  3. Author Bill Swank once said that his friend just walked their way right down the red carpet and through the door without any questions asked.
  4. Officials at the 1982 Super Bowl apprehended “The Great Impostor” Barry Bremen as he tried to enter the gates disguised as the San Diego Chicken mascot.

The NFL is reported to have said that they won’t comment on security issues.

A league dealing with concussions, domestic violence and performance-enhancing drugs might have bigger concerns than the vagaries of a guy looking for free passage.

Why they Gate Crash:

  • Some cannot afford a ticket.
  • Some cannot get the seat they want.
  • Escape stunt gets media attention sometimes.
  • Super Bowl mischief is fun.

When it comes to gate-crashing, the Super Bowl has the Mount Everest factor.

“It’s too big to ignore,” Temple University psychologist Frank Farley said.

Source: SMH


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