Lloyd’s Register And Partners Launch Green Hydrogen Infrastructure Project In The UK


Lloyd’s Register has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with H2Terminals Limited and its supply chain partners, HiDROGEN and D3IM, to evaluate the feasibility of a green hydrogen (H2) infrastructure project in the UK. This project aims to develop a floating production and transport system for green hydrogen, supporting businesses in the Thames Estuary area.

Green Hydrogen Production and Transport

The project includes the creation of a wind, wave, and solar energy plant located 100 km offshore, which will produce green hydrogen on a floating island. The hydrogen will be converted into a liquid state and transported by ship to a terminal on the Thames Estuary near London. From there, it will be converted to electricity and hot water on floating barges, with byproducts such as liquid nitrogen and oxygen also being produced.

Technological and Regulatory Assessment

The MoU outlines plans for a comprehensive assessment of the technology and regulatory requirements necessary for the project. This includes developing asset designs, qualifying containment systems, and establishing floating hydrogen production and energy export systems. The project will also define an assurance program for these systems to ensure safety and efficiency.

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Source: LR