LNG Carrier For Smaller Cargo Sizes By LR And HHIC


LNG Carrier

Lloyd’s Register (LR)  the leading player in the LNG shipping industry  joined with Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co, Ltd. (HHIC) to develop a 30,000 cbm LNG carrier design with bilobe type ‘C’ tanks.  The small-scale LNG carrier concept has  significantly improved environmental aspects, a higher level of energy efficiency and improved cargo capacity.  Applying bilobe type ‘C’ cargo tank technology makes the vessels very well-suited to future LNG trading patterns in the coastal waters.

Lee Cha-Soo, Senior vice president of Ship Sales Engineering Team of HHIC, said: “The 30,000 cbm LNG carrier utilises existing technology which can be applied to existing and new vessels today. HHIC continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation in the LNG shipping sector to improve the service for our existing and future customers.”

Leondias Karitsios, Lloyd’s Register’s Gas Technology Manager commented: “Interest in small-scale LNG is growing fast. This project has demonstrates a path to a practical, buildable LNG carrier for smaller cargo sizes.”


Source: Lloyd’s Register