Long-Awaited LNG Ship to Dock at Finnish Court


The tanker that will store and carry liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be stationed in Finland’s Inga, not Estonia’s Paldiski, as announced by Estonian Minister of Economics and Infrastructure Riina Sikkut, reports BNN.

Finalnd and Estonia agreement

In spring Estonia and Finland agreed the ship will be stationed in the country that finishes its terminal first. Estonia plans to complete its terminal in Paldiski by November, whereas Finland plans to complete its terminal by December.

However, according to Sikkut, Finland has made it clear how much the situation in Finland has changed since spring – Russia ceased providing gas and after the explosions with Nord Stream pipeline there are now concerns about the security of Balticconnector pipeline connecting Inda and Paldiski.

Unstable costs

Storage and re-gasification tanker Exemplar owned by U.S. company Excelerate Energy is currently in dry dock in Spain – the vessel is being prepared for operations during winter conditions.

The ship will be servicing Finland, Estonia and other Baltic States for the next ten years following the signing of a contract between the American company and Finnish gas system’s operator Gasgrid Finland. It is estimated that this will cost EUR 460 million in the next ten years, adding to that are the unstable costs depending on the volume of supplied gas.

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Source: BNN


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