Load Shift Tipped the Vessel Around


On March 10, a ship capsized while carrying out dredging work at the Bogense Harbor and Marina about 200 metres off the port.

What happened?

The ship ‘Sirius Høj’ was carrying out dredging work at Bogense Harbor and Marina when it capsized. The ship was resting on its side located about 200 metres off the port after its cargo shifted.

The crew members scattered to the port side of the capesized vessel to save themselves from drowning.

Crew rescued

The Funen Police rescued the two crew members using a private boat and were treated for hypothermia. According to the crew members, the accident happened becauseof a load shift, after which the boat tipped around.

Surveillance measures in place

A rescue helicopter was deployed to detect any oil spill and the Home Guard layed out flood barriers to reduce emissions. The anti pollution ship “Mette Miljø” was ready at the eastern part of the harbour pier, but only a slight oil spill was found.

As the wind was westbound and expected to turn to NNW in the forthcoming days, any oil would be drifting away from the port.

The salvage ships “Sanne A” and “Susanne” had arrived on site and already turned the wreck on even keel. The dredging vessel was just outside the entrance to Bogense Harbor, and was restored.

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Source: Fyens


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