Local Officials Monitor Scuttling of Mauritius Oil-spill Vessel


  • The front section of the Wakashio, the bulker which broke up off the coast of Mauritius in late July spilled around 1,000 metric tonnes mt of fuel oil.
  • It has been scuttled under the direction of the local authorities.
  • The ship owner said that they are continuing to collect oil deposits and suspended matter on board.
  • The ship had around 3,800 mt of fuel oil and 200 mt of distillates onboard when it ran aground at the end of July.

Ship and Bunker highlights about the stricken bulker and how it is scuttled under the direction of local authorities.  Also, the owner of the ship said that all the fuel oil present in the ship have been collected.

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All oils collected

The ship’s owner Nagashiki Shipping said yesterday that “It is probable that almost all lubricating oil and residues other than fuel oil, which is estimated to remain onboard as of August 20, local time, could have been collected by August 23 local time”.

“The oil that has drifted to the coast will continue to be collected with the cooperation of relevant authorities and local people, and an oil spill cleaning company arranged by us.”

Reduced number of oil spills

Oil spills involving ships have diminished in frequency and size since the oil and shipping industries started to tackle the issue in the 1990s.

Sinking of Erica and Prestige

The sinking of the Erica (1999) followed by the Prestige (2002) in European waters focused attention of the environmentally damaging nature of residual fuel oil.

Both ships were carrying fuel oil cargoes.

Around 20,000 mt of fuel oil were lost from the Erica while some 63,000 mt were spilt from the Prestige, according to the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation.

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Source: Ship and Bunker


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