Long An Port & Port of Long Beach: Sustainable Collaboration


Recently, Vietnam’s Long An International Port and California’s Port of Long Beach took a significant step towards fostering international collaboration by signing a Letter of Intent. The agreement aims to establish a sister port relationship, fostering cooperation and knowledge-sharing in port management, enhancing market connectivity, and promoting long-term development.

Leadership’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

  • Mario Cordero, the CEO of the Port of Long Beach, emphasized the commitment to sustainable development, emissions reduction, and environmental friendliness in the signed Letter of Intent.
  • The focus on these aspects indicates a shared dedication between the two ports to go beyond traditional economic partnerships and contribute to environmentally responsible practices in the maritime industry.

Delegation Visit and Business Connectivity

  • The Long An Provincial delegation, led by Vice Chairman Nguyen Minh Lam and Vice Chairman Mai Van Nhieu, participated in the California Association of Port Authorities (CAPA) conference.
  • The purpose of the visit was to connect businesses in Vietnam and the U.S., with a particular emphasis on industries such as digital transformation, import-export services, logistics, and education.
  • This effort reflects a broader strategy to strengthen economic ties, facilitate knowledge exchange, and explore collaboration opportunities between businesses in both countries.

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Source: Container news