‘Long And Bloody’ Siege Warned As Russia Encircle Kyiv


  • Things may only get worse in the coming days.
  • Elsewhere, Russian soldiers have been met by fierce resistance.
  • Amnesty International said the incident may constitute a war crime.

Huge explosions rocked Kyiv just hours after the first round of ceasefire talks between Ukrainian and Russian diplomats ended as reported by The Independent.

Things to deteriorate more

The explosion flashes orange against the night sky, creating plumes of heavy smoke, according to footage.

Things are likely to deteriorate further in the following days.

US Senator Chris Murphy warned on Monday that Russian troops are preparing for a “long and bloody” siege of Kyiv, with the military seeking to cut off the capital from the rest of the country.

Civilian casualties

After his soldiers failed to conquer Kyiv, Ukraine’s Western allies fear that Vladimir Putin will cause a large number of civilian casualties. Russian troops have been faced with stiff opposition elsewhere.

In the northern city of Okhtyrka, Russian troops are suspected of dropping cluster bombs on a pre-school, killing a kid and two adults. According to Amnesty International, the occurrence could be considered a war crime.

The International Criminal Court has stated that it will look into Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Senator’s warning

Senator warns of ‘long and bloody’ siege as Russia tries to ‘encircle and cut off’ Kyiv.

According to US authorities, Ukraine’s robust defence of the country during the early days of the invasion may have shocked Russia, but the country, particularly the capital Kyiv, may face harsh days ahead.

US Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, warned on Twitter on Monday that Russia will try to “encircle” Kyiv and launch a vigorous offensive in the coming days, following a classified intelligence briefing.

“Russia will try to encircle and cut off Kyiv in the next several weeks,” he wrote. “The fight for Kyiv will be long and bloody and Ukrainians are rapidly preparing for the street to street combat,” he added, using an alternative spelling for the capital.

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Source: The Independent