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Approval in Principle for SHI’s Autonomous Navigation System and SVESSEL Communication System, part of Samsung Autonomous Ship software for autonomous ready ship design, says an article published on their website.

Autonomous software

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded Approval in Principle (AiP) to Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) for its Samsung Autonomous Ship (SAS) Autonomous Navigation System and SVESSEL Communication System, a key result of a Joint Development Project formed in early 2023.

The autonomous software for Autonomous Navigation System features an Integrated Bridge System, situational awareness tools and SHI’s Anti-Collision Decision-Making System. By integrating these features with current navigation equipment SHI’s technology can be used to eliminate human error, which accounts for the majority of maritime related accidents.

SAS software can be installed easily onto a ships system next to other software and evaluates collision risks around a vessel, whilst controlling the direction and speed of a ship to avoid objects.

The SVESSEL® system includes features for monitoring, calculation and evaluation analysis of a ship’s energy usage status and can assist in the operation of optimal trim and route/speed. The user experience of the solution is designed so that not only crew but also shore staff can conveniently check functions with ease.

As part of the AiP process, SHI provided the concept and specific design for the SAS Autonomous Navigation System and SVESSEL whilst LR carried out a comprehensive review of the technical drawings and documents for the design of SAS and SVESSEL, in accordance with the latest LR rules and regulations for autonomous and remote access ships.

Young-Doo Kim, North East Asia TSO Manager, Lloyd’s Register said:

“This AiP is another landmark moment in LR and SHI’s joint development project for autonomous ship ready design. The Autonomous Navigation System and SVESSEL communication system developed by SHI as part of Samsung Autonomous Ship offers a wide variety of integrated digital solutions to mitigate human error at sea, a fundamental requirement if we are to reduce the number of maritime accidents and make our industry safer. LR are extremely proud to have played a part in this significant project.”

Hyun Joe Kim, Vice President and Head of Autonomous Ship Research Center, Samsung Heavy Industries said:

“SAS can help crews by providing collision alarms and reliable routes to avoid collisions in a variety encounters, which contributes to the safer marine environments. I’m very pleased to receive the AiP for SAS and SVESSEL from LR. It is further proof of good collaboration between SHI and LR during the certification process as we have done before. SHI continues the development of technologies on digitalization and automatic navigation to provide the most innovative ships to our customers.”

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