Lubrication-Related Failures!


According to a study by ExxonMobil, approximately 50% of equipment failures in the maritime industry are lubrication-related. These failures can lead to costly repairs, downtime, and potential environmental risks. Hence, the value of lube oil testing in the maritime industry can be very significant in these aspects.

✅ Asset protection: Lube oil testing helps ensure the asset protection of critical equipment onboard ships. By identifying potential issues early on, operators can take preventive measures to avoid equipment failures. This minimizes the risk of unexpected downtime, costly repairs, and potential safety hazards.

✅ Operational Efficiency: Lube oil testing contributes to operational efficiency by optimizing equipment performance. Regular analysis of oil samples helps identify any performance degradation, wear patterns, or abnormalities, allowing for corrective actions to be taken. This ensures that equipment operates at its optimal level and minimizes energy wastage.

✅ Environmental Compliance: The maritime industry faces increased regulations related to carbon emissions. The choice and use of the right lube oil – “the right fit” is essential for minimizing carbon emissions.

✅ Risk Mitigation: Routine lube oil testing helps mitigate risks associated with equipment failure and operational disruptions. By identifying potential issues, this minimizes the likelihood of accidents, breakdowns, or safety incidents. This helps protects the crew and the vessel.

Overall, the value of lube oil testing lies in its ability to enhance equipment reliability, improve operational efficiency, ensure environmental compliance, and mitigate risks.

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