LUKOIL launches iCOlube® in the UK


To optimize vessel’s engine performance and efficiency, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants developed the iCOlube® system that had its UK official launch on 8th September 2015 in London.

On a glorious evening in the UK capital, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants hosted an incredible night of entertainment, socialising and intelligent lubrication when it formally launched its iCOlube® product at Kensington Palace, in the historic Orangery.


An audience of over 120 key industry gueststreated to a variety of entertainment including Magician Laura London, singer Stephen Ridley and musicians Escala all hosted by the humorist talents of Nicole Arbour.

Technical presentations were supported by interactive touch screen simulations of the iCOlube® system giving a real-time demonstration of how the system tailors cylinder oils correctly to prevailing engine requirements and fuel type.


The night was perfectly rounded off with fantastic food and intelligent lubrication in a variety of forms!


This intelligent cylinder oil lubrication unit tailors the alkalinity reserve to engine load and fuel. The feed rate always stays at an optimum level while only the fuel sulphur content needs to be entered. This way, it maintains best engine conditions, reduces oil costs, saves fuel and is environmentally friendly.

About LUKOIL and LUKOIL Marine Lubricants

LUKOIL is the leading Russian company in exploring, producing, refining and marketing petroleum products.  LUKOIL was established in 1991 through the merger of a group of oil-and-gas production businesses located in the western Siberian cities Langepas, Urai and Kogalym, whose initials form the acronym LUK.  In 2007, LUKOIL decided to bring its expertise in lubricants technology to the marine industry.  LUKOIL Marine Lubricants was founded as a stand-alone global sales and marketing business focusing on the production and sales of marine lubricants worldwide.  Since then the company already positioned itself as technology leader with the introduction of the first 100 BN cylinder oil as the answer to severe corrosive wear issues of modern engines and the development of iCOlube®, an onboard unit for intelligent cylinder oil lubrication.

Source: Luk Oil