LUKOIL Marine Lubricants Opens New Warehouse In Gothenburg



Lukoil is a leading Russian oil Industry.  They are engaged in the exploration, production and refining and marketing of petroleum products.  They manufacture nearly 40% of all lubricants produced in Russia which amounts to 1.2 million tons.  They market their products in more than 20 countries worldwide.

In their constant endeavour to expand their global operations and supply, they have started operations in a new warehouse in Gothenburg.  The company achieved reduced lead time and increased flexibility during their delivery process to vessels berthing at Scandinavian ports.

Lukoil Marine supply in almost all major ports globally.  They have efficient managers on call at their Hamburg center, from where they can cater to the entire Scandinavian market orders.  They have recently partnered with TJOSAB AB, to improve further the availability of a full range of their products in Scandinavian markets.

Lukoil Marine Lubricants boast of an efficient troupe of staff and support staff who are willing to work seamlessly 24X7X365 to cater to customer needs.

Source: LUKOIL


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