Luxury Cruise Ship’s Engine Room On Fire



Accident: Fire
Date: 18th November 2015
Vessel Involved: Le Boréal, a French-flagged Cruise Ship
Location: Near the Falkland Islands
Casualties: None

A fire broke out in the engine room of the luxury cruise ship around 2.00 am on Wednesday.  The vessel was en route from Grave Cove to South Georgia when the incident occurred.

As a precautionary measure, all the 347 passengers were evacuated.  Among 347 passengers, 90 were airlifted from life rafts and the remaining passengers were shifted to the sister ship L’Austral, which was available in the vicinity.  The passengers will be repatriated once they reach the Falkland Islands, as the rest of the cruise has been cancelled.  There were no reports of injuries.

Source: ITV