M.V.Barzan – World’s Greenest Ultra Large Container By Hyundai


M.V.Barzan is the world’s Greenest eco-efficient Ultra Large Container Vessel.The above video shows how the vessel was constructed.  M.V. Barzan is built by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries in Mokpo, South Korea for the United Arab Shipping Company(UASC).  This vessel is a class of DNV-GL with a loading capacity of 18,800TEU.  The vessel was delivered within 6 months of keel laying.


  • Co2 output per TEU is 60% lesser than a 13,500TEU vessel
  • EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) value is close to 50% below the 2025 limit set by IMO

The quantity of materials and manpower used for the construction of M.V. Barzan:

  • 56,989 Tons of Steel
  • 879778 Man Hours
  • 739896 Litres of Paint


  1. Designed to be the greenest ship. Trust more such vessels will be built to safe guard the mother earth.
    Thank you South Korea.