Maersk AHTS Undergoes Industry-First Conversion


In order to transform Maersk Minder into the first hybrid-battery anchor handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel in the world, Maersk Supply Service is adding a battery pack to the ship, says an article published in Riviera.

Biofuel testing

On Maersk Minder, a selective catalytic reduction system will also be installed in addition to the battery pack, with Wärtsilä providing the complete package.

The owner of a Danish offshore support vessel will increase its biofuel tests while also completing five additional battery retrofits and six VFD upgrading projects in 2022 and 2023. 

At the Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference in November of last year, Maersk Supply Service Chief Operating Officer Mark Handin presented the company’s ambitious decarbonization ambitions to attendees. 

At this year’s Annual Offshore Support Journal Conference, Mr. Handin will give an update on Maersk Supply Services’ decarbonization activities and take part in a vessel owners’ panel.

Call-off agreement

Maersk Minder will be chartered to Moreld Ross Offshore under a call-off arrangement after the conversion is finished at Fitjar Mekaniske Verkstad, a shipyard south of Bergen on Norway’s west coast.

Carbon intensity

According to a Maersk spokeswoman, Maersk Minder’s conversion should be finished by June 2022.

“Maersk Supply Service has set ambitious decarbonisation targets to halve our carbon intensity by 2030 (as compared with a 2018 baseline) and to reach net-zero operations by 2040. We are committed to doing everything we can to meaningfully reduce emissions through changing behaviours, implementing new technologies and extending collaboration across the industry,” the company wrote in a social media post.

Operated vehicle garage 

Maersk Minder, an AHTS based on a Salt design, has an overall length of 95 metres, a beam of 25 metres, and a depth of 11 metres.

It is equipped with a covered remote-operated vehicle garage for one work-class ROV, a 450-tonne drum anchor handling winch, and a 500-tonnne double-drum towing winch.

“We are therefore especially proud to be able to support Ross Offshore, as one of the most active vessel charterers on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and look forward to delivering safe and sustainable operations for their clients,” said Maersk.

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Source: Riviera


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