Maersk and Microsoft: Digitizing and Decarbonizing Logistics

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Maersk, a global logistics giant, has announced an enhancement to its cloud-focused technology strategy through an expanded adoption of Microsoft Azure as its chosen cloud platform.

Cloud services

Azure empowers Maersk with resilient cloud services, facilitating innovation and efficient product delivery. It enables scalability, security, and faster time to market. Machine learning and data analytics enhance insights and drive transformative strategies for Maersk.

I am thrilled to extend our collaboration with Microsoft. With Microsoft, we can use their innovation in the technology space to drive our innovation in the logistics space. Together, we have a unique and interdependent relationship which is driven by mutual creation, trust, and an understanding of both companies´ strategic direction, which is valuable to all.

Navneet Kapoor

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Information Officer at A.P. Moller – Maersk

With the expansion of its relationship with Microsoft, Maersk is looking to accelerate its transformation and to further digitize logistics.

Digital technologies are essential for the logistics industry to develop solutions and services that will help build and maintain resilient supply chains, Microsoft. With Azure as Maersk’s strategic cloud platform, Microsoft and Maersk are collaborating to accelerate innovation and digitize the industry to meet its customers’ evolving needs.

Judson Althoff

Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

The collaboration between Maersk and Microsoft has yielded innovative digital solutions such as Remote Container Management (RCM) and Connected Vessels. RCM enables real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity in refrigerated containers, ensuring the preservation of perishable goods. Connected Vessel optimizes fuel consumption by analyzing performance data and providing expert advice to captains, reducing costs and emissions. Maersk is a key partner for Microsoft in various logistics services, with a commitment to decarbonizing the industry. The companies intend to strengthen their strategic relationship, focusing on IT/technology, ocean & logistics, and decarbonization. Their objectives include co-innovation, digital transformation, and delivering value to customers and employees through modernized collaboration and processes.


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Source: Maersk


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