Maersk Calls On Europe To Ban Fossil Fuelled Ships


  • A. P. Moller – Maersk has put forward a range of measures to support maritime decarbonisation, including a proposal for an end-date for building new vessels that can only use fossil fuels.
  • The shipping giant would prefer to see energy transition initiatives introduced globally, through the aegis of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), but it suggested that the EU could take the lead.

Maersk has reiterated its call for a ban of fossil-fuelled ships, reports Bunkerspot.

Maersk calls for global ban on new-build fossil container ships

Writing in its latest EU-focussed policy document,, Maersk says such a ban would accelerate the investments in new ships and fuel supply infrastructure needed to transition the industry away from fossil fuel.

This is not the first time Maersk has voiced the idea; Soren Skou in 2021, who was CEO at the time, made a similar call for the IMO to implement such a ban.

Maersk suggests the scheme could be implemented by mandating an end-date for fossil fuel-only newbuilds. There has been little traction on the idea at IMO level since Skou’s comments in 2021. However, writing in its latest policy report, Maersk says while not ideal, Europe could introduce a regional version of the ban.

While such an end-date should ideally be global in nature, Europe could introduce a regional version. This measure should target vessels built after a certain date that can only use fossil fuels and ban these from calling European ports,” Maersk says. “This will help shipowners and energy providers make investments in new ships and fuel supply infrastructure to accelerate the energy transition.”

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Source: Bunkerspot