Maersk Container Ship Catch Fire at Europahaven


On July 22, a Containership reportedly caught fire which originated near the engine room.

What happened?

The Containership ‘Maersk Kokura’ docked in the Europahaven port reportedly caught fire.

The fire is reported to have generated from the engine room. Dirty rags placed close to the engine caught fire due to the heat. Smoke was billowing from the area near the superstructure of the ship.

Situation contained:

The KNRM rescue station at Hoek van Holland and emergency services received were alerted around noon.

The crew members contained the smolders and prevented a fire from erupting.

Ship resumes journey:

After safety inspection were carried out by the rescue officials, the vessel was given the go ahead to proceed towards its destination Bremerhaven.

Fortunately no one was injured during the incident.

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Source: KNRM


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