Maersk Crew Medevaced Off Cold Bay


On November 16, a man was medevaced from a 1200-foot motor vessel Maersk Eindhoven 200 miles south of Cold Bay by a Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew.

What happened?

The Coast Guard District 17 command center received a distress call from the shipper of the vessel ‘Maersk Eindhoven’ that a 53 year old crew member was suffering from cardiac arrest. Since the distance was vast the captain was advised to take the best course and rush to the Cold Bay.

Crew member medevaced:

When the vessel was approaching Cold Bay, the Jayhawk helicopter crew hoisted the man and safely transported him to Cold Bay where a LifeMed aircraft crew transported him to Anchorage, Alaska, for further medical care.

Mr. Bud Holden, District 17 command center watchstander said, “Coordinating a mission 600 miles offshore is challenging. Our consistent training, and the communication between the Coast Guard and Maersk Eindhoven crew enabled us to safely get this man the care he needed”.

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Source: Alaska Native News


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