Maersk Line and CMA-CGM Select Upgraded BoxTech Database


Global shipping lines CMA-CGM and Maersk Line have employed an upgraded database on their global container fleet, which was developed by BoxTech.

The updated BoxTech database includes a number of new functions that are expected to help shipping companies save time and allow equipment owners to register container sales and flag units with exception alerts.

The database was provided by Bureau International des Containers (BIC) and also includes the technical details of more than 30% of the global container fleet.

BIC secretary general Douglas Owen said: “CMA-CGM was an early adopter of BoxTech and Maersk one of our more recent, but both clearly understand the value of a central, non-profit information source and both have provided leadership to the industry.”

“Both have provided input that has been instrumental in developing new ideas and updates for BoxTech, in particular the new container sales function.”

The upgraded BoxTech database features the new ‘containers sold’ function, which allows container owners to indicate in the BoxTech database when containers have been sold.

The function is designed to alert any user or system looking for a container that the unit has been sold.

It is also set to help prevent improperly marked containers from circulating, as well as improve safety, reduce overall risk and encourage the proper neutralisation of sold containers.

A new system called BoxTech Recovery Alerts has also been added to the updated database to enable container owners to create alert lists, which flag specific units in case of bankruptcies and other recovery situations, including loss or theft.

In addition, the modified database also features new application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate the process of updating the BoxTech solution itself.

The process is intended to eliminate manual tasks and enable companies to save time, reduce human error and keep their databases updated more easily.

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Source: BoxTech


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