Maersk Maintains Red Sea Shipping Suspension Despite EU Security Operation


  • Maersk, a leading container shipping company, remains cautious about resuming sailings through the Red Sea despite the European Union’s security operation aimed at enhancing safety in the region.
  • The company suspended Red Sea traffic in January due to heightened risks and continues to redirect ships via the Cape of Good Hope.

Maersk suspended Red Sea traffic on January 5, citing elevated risk levels in the region. The decision came amidst concerns over potential drone and missile attacks by Yemen’s Houthi militia in retaliation against Israel’s conflict with Gaza.

EU’s Naval Mission and Maersk’s Response

The European Union launched a naval mission in the southern Red Sea in February to safeguard the crucial maritime trade route. However, Maersk remains cautious about resuming sailings through the Red Sea despite the EU’s efforts.

Maersk’s Continued Caution

In a statement on its website, Maersk acknowledged that some shipping companies have continued sailing through the Red Sea or announced plans to resume sailing. However, Maersk maintains its assessment that the current situation does not warrant a similar decision on their part.

Preferential Route via the Cape of Good Hope

Maersk reaffirms its preference for redirecting ships via the Cape of Good Hope and around Africa as the most reasonable solution for ensuring supply chain stability. This route is deemed safer and more reliable given the current circumstances in the Red Sea.

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Source: Reuters